Software upgrades come with all the rights and privileges of new software purchases, including technical support. Upgrade pricing is only available to original purchasers upgrading from earlier versions of the same edition or the current equivalent. Free and demo versions do not qualify for upgrade pricing.

WindSurance and Four Point 

Wind Mitigation and Four Point Report Software Upgrades


WindSuranceCitizens OIR-B1-1802
  • $69.00 Maintenance Upgrade


Four PointCitizens
  • $79.00 Maintenance Upgrade


Wind & 4-PtCitizens Wind Mit & Four Point
  • $119.00 Maintenance Upgrade 


Wind & 4-PtCitizens Wind,  4-Point, SF 4-Pt
  • $139.00 Maintenance Upgrade 

Software upgrades ensure that you have the latest versions with current technology for optimal compatibility with operating systems, other software, and hardware.  Software upgrades also provide access to the same technical support and maintenance updates that are available with a new purchase. Upgrades do not necessarily have new features or other modifications that are visible to the user.